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In July 2018, my family packed up everything and left the city we had lived in for 25 years. These are photos I took of them at each house we lived in accompanied by a few childhood photos and personal images I created. Spaces hold memories and connections. This is the place that influenced me and shaped who I am today.

In January 1993, my parents, my sister and I took a train from Montreal with suitcases and boxes to start a new life in Waterloo, Ontario. My parents came here with the sole purpose of starting a new church as missionaries from South Korea.
On our first night, we stayed at a motel and the next day with a rental van drove around to find any apartments that would rent us a unit - despite my parents not having any jobs lined up.
Most places rejected our application, but we found one basement on Erb Street where the landlord took us in. My immigrant Korean parents have a unique story because they never wanted to be successful. They didn't come here so that I could have a better life. Instead, they came as missionaries to Canada and wanted to integrate into Canadian society. Even though my mom worked in Toronto, Waterloo became the place for them to focus on raising their family and their ministry.
We lived in six different homes in various neighbourhoods of the city. Each of these homes hold our memories and experiences. They gave us the space for us to form our bond as a family. And through the various moves, we've seen the city change and grow while it also maintained its peaceful charm. It wasn't an easy decision to move, but with changes in each of our lives my parents decided it was time for a move.
We don't know what life looks like without Waterloo, but we take everything Waterloo gave us and will keep it with us for the journey ahead.

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